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Pappa Green Jeans
04-08-2005, 00:02
I am starting on the trail this summer on July 1st. I was wondering, what clothes and acessories did you bring with you? Did they work well for you? I need to know what I should buy for my hike on the AT this summer. I am going SOBO starting in Maine. I appreciate your feedback, please tell me what you most important article of clothing was. God Bless.:-?

04-08-2005, 10:48
My favorite pieces of clothing were a Patagonia capilene MESH (not the tight weave) s/s shirt, and Smartwool Adrenaline socks.

Everyone you ask will say something different. Clothing is important, but don't sweat it. Besides what I wore, all I had was socks + l/s Duofold shirt, except in NH/ME, where I also had the Duofold pants, and a knit cap. I never felt a need for rain gear except for windy conditions above treeline. I added a rain jacket in Maine.

That was for summer hiking, though. It will get colder in the fall. What I would do is just buy the clothes you'll need to start with, and you'll have a much better idea of what clothes you want to add to your pack when it starts getting colder. It's hard to figure that out at home, but when you're there, I think you'll know.