View Full Version : Marmot Membrain vs. DWR finish sleeping bags, any feedback welcomed...

05-16-2012, 00:01
I'm in the market for a new Marmot bag and I'm not familiar with their Membrain bags, I've read some basic reviews that sound good but I'm still hesitant because of how well it can breath and how easily it can be washed, does anyone have any experience between the Membrain and the DWR marmot bags? Thanks in advance!! -Robbie

05-16-2012, 07:55
Is there a specific reason why you are considering a waterproof sleeping bag? Spending the night in a snow cave, or similar?

W/B sleeping bags were all the rage a while back, but most bag makers don't have a big lineup anymore. I can't think of any benefit in normal backpacking, and the drawbacks are numerous, starting with trying to stuff the %^&$ thing into a stuff sack, which is like trying to stuff an inflated dirigible.

You give off moisture in your bag when you are sleeping. Over time, this moisture will reduce the effectiveness of your bag's insulation. With a w/b bag, the membrane makes it harder for that moisture to escape in the night, and more difficult to dry the bag during the day. A simple nylon taffeta bag will dry very quickly in the sun (you can watch it puff up.) A good DWR finish on the nylon will keep any moisture from condensation or whatever off the outside shell.

05-16-2012, 09:50
The main use is for backpacking and car camping, thanks for your feedback, i think the DWR is gonna be the best fit for me.