View Full Version : Speed Attempt Sponsor Idea

Mikey Appleseed
05-16-2012, 18:18
How about signing a contract to repay any sponsorship $ or gear if you end up quiting? Maybe there would be more sponsors for real attempters and maybe more motivation. If I took a dime from anybody on a sponsor and I didnt measure up, id feel like dirt and want to repay it. Just a thought, im full of it, I mean them.;)

kayak karl
05-16-2012, 20:27
if a person has proven themselves in the past to be a contender they will be fighting off the sponsors when they go for a NEW record. if a person hasn't hiked the trail in the past and did it in impressive days they shouldn't get sponsors. foot the bill yourself the first couple times. just my opinion :I

05-16-2012, 21:26
I think that companies who sponsor these attempts know they are taking a gamble.
Especially one that would sponsor an AT record attempt without any experience (well, maybe that would be better classified as stupidity)

I've been sponsored and have sponsored.

I feel like I gave my best and contributed to some marketing for the companies and hopefully the ones I sponsored did the same.

Sign a contract? Are you a lawyer?

Sarcasm the elf
05-16-2012, 21:45
I always wonder how many thru hikes are sponsored by the unemployment office...:datz

05-17-2012, 00:14
I always wonder how many thru hikes are sponsored by the unemployment office...

My hikes are all sponsored by the letter B and the number 8. ...