View Full Version : 10 mile Hike in area of Pine Grove Furnace State Park

05-30-2012, 20:01
Our Scouts will be at Gettysburg in mid-July and wanted to do a day hike on the AT. I thought Pine Grove Furnace would be a good area due to the museum and proximity to their camp. Because of our numbers, we want to split up into 2 smaller groups and figured it would be great to have one group go north of PGFSP and the group go south of the park. Then they could each hike toward the park, planning on an early lunch and museum visit when they get there. The groups would then exchange vehicle keys and continue on in the same direction they were headed, basically exchanging vehicles for the ride back to Gettysburg.

The desired mileage for the hike is around 10-12. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best place for each group to leave a vehicle and begin the trail?

06-03-2012, 20:13
I'm interested in similar information! I'm RV camping at Pine Grove Furnace this weekend and I'm planning on hiking the AT on Saturday - which direction, N or S, offers the best day hike? Is there something to see in either direction? Usually I just hike out a set amount of time and then turn around, but if there was a view or a road or other good stopping point I'd make sure I made it that far before I turn around.

Thanks! :-)

06-17-2012, 21:54
leave one vehicle at springer and the other at katahdin

06-17-2012, 22:49
leave one vehicle at springer and the other at katahdin

lol...won't quite work for this one..

Wise Old Owl
06-17-2012, 23:10