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04-11-2005, 01:05
wbdent We have added a new section to WhiteBlaze that is set up like our Articles section. This new section is called MEMBERS ARTICLES. This section will be used for members trips reports. These reports are written by our members here at WhiteBlaze.net. Any member can submitt a trip report. We would like the trip reports to relate to the Appalachian Trail. All submitted material will be copyrighted to the original author and displayed here on a voluntary basis.

Please contact us and submitt the trip report to us if you would like to see it displayed.


05-15-2015, 21:16
my son grant started his thru hike May 1st and is posting videos periodically on youtube as he hikes. If other whiteblazers would like to follow his progress they can go to youtube and search for gaiterat. If any other whiteblazers meet him on the trail give him a shoutout his trail name is gaiter

William Hayes
AKA Hillbilly