View Full Version : Easy hike on the AT in GA?

06-01-2012, 18:19
My roommate and I are headed to Dawsonville for the weekend. Thought I take him on a short hike out on the AT. He doesn't do any hiking at all. What would be a good 2 or 3 hour hike with a great view at the end? Thanks for the input guys.

kayak karl
06-01-2012, 18:31
drive up to Spinger Mt. or Amicalola Falls and hike around. there is parking .9 miles from top.

06-01-2012, 19:12
a few ideas for you:

1. park at Woody Gap (GA60 near Suches, GA). Hike north on the AT approx 0.6 miles to the VIEW at the rock overlook, (continue another 0.3 miles to top of Big Cedar Mountain).

2. park at Neels Gap (US19/129) (Walasi Yi Outfitter store). Hike south approx 2.3 miles on the AT to top of Blood Mountain. Great views, see the old Blood Mtn shelter at the top. (steep climb). (There's also another trail to the top from a public parking area near Neels Gap)

3. park at Tray Gap (USFS 79). hike approx 0.8 miles north on AT to top of Tray Mtn.

4. park at Three Forks (USFS 58). hike north on AT approx 0.9 miles to blue blaze trail to Long Creek Falls. (real nice waterfalls)

5. park at Neels Gap (US 19/129). hike north on AT approx. 1.8 miles to top of Leveland Mtn. nice views to the south. Continue hiking north 3.2 miles to Cowrock Mtn. nice views.

06-02-2012, 13:58
I liked the hiking through the Raven Cliffs Wilderness, it didn't seem all that tough compared to the rest of GA and had nice views.

06-04-2012, 23:02
Thanks guys. Ended up driving to Vogel State Park and did some hiking around Blood Mountain. What a great weekend.