View Full Version : Boundary plans please Baxter group

TJ aka Teej
04-11-2005, 19:16
...hundreds of thousands of acres of land around the park's border - most of which are visible from atop Mount Katahdin - could be transformed into clear-cuts or housing developments at any time. Friends of Baxter State Park on Saturday dedicated its annual meeting to a discussion of park boundary lands.
Roxanne Quimby, founder of Burt's Bees and a national park advocate, bought the whole of Township 5, Range 8, which she has named "East Branch Sanctuary," as well as the northern third of Township 3, Range 7, which she calls "Three Rivers Sanctuary," from Irving two years ago. Both properties are being managed as nature preserves by Elliotsville Plantation Inc., Quimby's Portland-based company.

On Saturday, Bart DeWolf, science director for the company, told Friends of Baxter about his plans for the land, which shares a combined 39 miles of boundary with Baxter State Park's east side and state reserve lands.


"I'm so grateful to our neighbor Roxanne Quimby for the effort she's making on her lands," park Director Irvin "Buzz" Caverly added.

ed bell
04-11-2005, 20:36
Another thank-you to TJ for keeping us posted about the goings on up there in Maine. Nice to know that he will take the time to keep us updated on this vital portion of the AT.:sun