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09-05-2002, 09:38
I am planning a 10 day solo meander from Springer Mtn to Franklyn,NC in October. My first time doing any of the AT. Looks like I fly to Atlanta, bus to Gainesville, Ga but does anyone know how to obtain shuttle info from Gainesville, Ga to Springer Mtn? How about bus from Franklyn back to atlanta? Any suggestions would be appreciated

09-09-2002, 11:54
Sorry, there is no bus service in Franklin, N.C. Closest
is Gainesville, Ga.

SGT Rock
09-09-2002, 12:16
Try Hacksaw,

He runs shuttles in the north Georgia area including Atlanta, and goes as far north as Fontanna.

[email protected]

10-11-2002, 03:58
Highway and rest of others,

Always go to Appalachian Trail Conference (http://www.appalachiantrail.org/) for fact-finding such as shuttle question you made. Accord to ATC:
The ATC Information Center keeps a listing of known shuttle service providers along the length of the entire Trail. Through this listing you can access almost any part of the Trail from the closest airport, bus station, or rail terminal, and get a ride back again. It also works for parties who wish to avoid bringing two cars. Of course, there are alot of Georgia Shuttle Operators, that are specifically goes up to Springer Mountain. Go to Shuttle Services and Parking ATC webpage (http://www.appalachiantrail.org/hike/plan/cars.html) . What SGT mention of Hacksaw ([email protected]) , yes, this person also list in A.T. Shuttle and Public Transportation Providers, in PDF (http://www.appalachiantrail.org/hike/pdfs/shuttle_083002.pdf) . This PDF document updated by the Conference in 8/30/02 in 299 KB, which I printed out, listed beautifully done. If you'd prefer a hard copy of the list, let ATC know and they will send it out via first class mail:
Appalachian Trail Conference
Attn: Shuttle List
P.O. Box 807
Harpers Ferry WV 25425
(304) 535-6331
[email protected] (be sure to include full name and address)

Not only automoble-based information that ATC only provided, but on air travel (http://www.appalachiantrail.org/hike/plan/air.html), bus and train terminals (http://www.appalachiantrail.org/hike/plan/trans.html) too. Good luck Highway. :D PS: Native Floridian here, glad be of any help.

10-11-2002, 07:16
Very good information and I am very appreciative for it.

I am constantly amazed by the wealth of information out there concerning every conceivable topic about the AT. One only has to ask for help, on any subject, and it magically appears from someone who knows the answer, especially though, on this particular Forum.

Thanks for your help:) :)