View Full Version : Delaware Water Gap Parking

06-03-2012, 22:34
Hey all,

I am planning to do a pretty long section hike starting the 8th of this month and ending on the july 4th weekend. I was thinking of leaving my car at the trail head in the town of delaware water gap but I have obvious concerns since its right in the middle of a town where night time visitors are a real possibility. I thought maybe the trail head on the jersey side might be better since if memory serves me i think there is a ranger station there and kinda tucked away off of the highway so only crazy fellow hikers getting an early start, or passing motorists catching a few z's and then moving along are likely to stop by. does anyone have any experience with these spots, particularly the one off route 80 in NJ, and parking for more than a week. Another thought I had was getting in touch with trail angel mary, and or pat and vicky at the doyle and maybe leaving my car in duncannon. but that puts me at an awkward starting position to try and get the state of pa done. any suggestions/advice is welcome.

06-03-2012, 23:43
disregard, I've figured out a solution. I will have a friend drive me :)