View Full Version : Katahdin/Hunt Trail

06-08-2012, 22:45
I hiked Katahdin yesterday. So I have officially started my sobo thru. The trail required a lot more climbing than I expected. I am glad to have the hardest climb on the AT over with. I recommend anyone taking the hike to bring some gloves and leave your poles at the campground. I tried to insert a pic but I am not sure it worked.

06-08-2012, 23:53
Thanks for sharing your trip report of day one. Got any pics? Wasn't it raining? It was here and awesome lightning and hale today too.

06-09-2012, 14:05
Good suggestions. And good luck on your SOBO. Let us know when you are approaching SW Virginia.--Kinnickinic

06-09-2012, 15:04
Its a hard climb.but not the hardest.wait till youget to sw me and the whites.

Red Hat
06-09-2012, 15:29
I agree with Hikerboy57. Tough, but not the worst.... Also, I disagree about leaving your poles, they are pretty necessary coming back down!

06-09-2012, 17:06
Yep... You'll find many places between Gorham and Glencliff that'll be tougher than Katahdin...

Mountain Mike
06-09-2012, 17:24
Goosh guys I was going to give him a few weeks of cofidence before we burst his bubble. Good luck on your hike