View Full Version : VA Done, South done.

06-11-2012, 21:52
Started hiking in Maine in 1969. Have hiked every year since. Just got the South done, finishing 12 miles in the shennys last weekend. Retiring this year. Hope to hike more. The son of my doc., Pat Tweel, and his girl are hiking the trail this year. Hope they make it. Saw at least 30 thru's in VA this weekend and 3 bears in one hour.

06-11-2012, 23:59
Congratulations on your retirement! I started hiking the AT in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, between my job and a 10 hour drive to get to the trail, I will only chip-away at a little bit each year....which sounds like what you did. My goal is to finish by the time I am 65...

Enjoy SNP. I really loved it last year!

06-12-2012, 06:04
That's awesome. A few years back, I started my "20 year plan", been hiking bits and pieces and just crossed the 25% mark (www.gdbdp.com/at (http://www.gdbdp.com/at)). I can't believe you saw 3 bears in an hour, that's amazing. In my 50+ hikes, I've only seen 2, so you're lucky :). Best of luck on the rest of the trail.