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Don't know if y'all already know about him. I've liked a lot of his articles. Figured I would share.

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06-15-2012, 17:47
You only get one shot at a first impression!

The first and only story I read from this guy, hence the only story....

Driest season on record cause of hiker’s death?

According to the FBI and local authorities in the state of Virginia, On August 12, 2011, hikers reported the discovery of a deceased individual located near a hiking trail in close proximity to the Appalachian Trail, in the Northwest part of Amherst County, Virginia. Now the identification of the body has been released, a hiker by the name of Mr.

Scott Lilly AKA: Stonewall on the trail. His body was discovered by other hikers but apparently there is not enough evidence to suggest that there was foul play.

The FBI is quick to tell other trail hikers that they should not worry because there is no reason they can see that they would be in any danger currently. A newspaper in Lynchburg, Virginia (http://www.countytimes.com/articles/2011/08/22/news/doc4e4ed1459fc70565621151.txt) reported that the day after the discovery of his body the Mount Pleasant National Scenic Area was filled with campers and hikers. Hikers and campers told reporters (http://www2.newsadvance.com/news/2011/aug/20/hikers-undeterred-suspicious-death-near-appalachia-ar-1251570/) they were aware that someone with that name was found but was not aware that it was in the area they were in.

This has been the hottest season on record for the Appalachian Trail, not only that but the driest ever seen. Some water points have now been dry for about three years.

Hikers are now being forced to carry more water than they want due to the weight, and forced to hike further to locate a water source, doing so in this year’s temperatures can be dangerous and outright deadly. Was it heat stroke or severe dehydration that killed Stonewall?

We are left to wonder if he was ill prepared for this year’s thru hike of the trail. Thru hikers no doubt has had it rougher this year than all previous years thru hikers due to the water shortages and record breaking heat. Hiking the Appalachian Trail is already hard, and if you are a novice hiker then you can say that hiking the AT is probably the most challenging hike you’ve done. But pair that with this year’s heat wave and lack of water and anyone could become a heat casualty.

The FBI and local state police are investigating the incident further and will continue until and answer is found. As they say hikers should continue to exercise the usual caution that they would no matter what just in case there is discovered that foul play was the cause. The Appalachian Trail is no stranger to bodies being found along its route. From heat attacks to murders, the trail has seen it all. Hiking in the middle of the wilderness will always pose threats and dangers but that should not deter hikers from enjoying their hike.

Being prepared for anything should be on the top of your list anytime you venture into the woods. But hiking a trail where there are also all sorts of people from around the country should be reason enough to be even more careful and alert of “out of place” things. If you see anything that is cause for concern, do not hesitate to find help or report it at the next chance you get which is usually a gap in the trail. Some trail gaps offer phones and major road access where help is not too far away.

So hike on but keep your eyes and ears open for the updates so that you are aware of any additional dangers on the trail in the Virginia area. Carry more water than you normally would and be prepared to hike further than the Appalachian Trail Data Book (http://www.examiner.com/appalachian-trail-hiking-in-national/introducing-the-new-release-of-the-2011-appalachian-trail-data-book) says due to water shortages and dried up water points along the trail.

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PItiful piece of reporting