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04-15-2005, 12:24
Those of you that tie the tarp to the trees, do you run a seperate ridge line or just the tie outs that are attached to the tarp?

Any ideas on how to simulate the "nest" before I buy it? Would sleeping on a down bag and the an over quilt simulate the idea of the nest? I hate to pay more for the nest that what the hammock cost.:-?

"ME & U"
04-15-2005, 12:36
We tie off to the trees with just the rope attached to the tarp grommets instead of a ridge line. This cuts down on rope wt and provides a tighter tarp without the sag of a ridge.

Check out my article on hammocking titled; aimed at beginner hammockers. It has some ideas worth looking at in ref to a "nest". Unfortunately, costs may out way the hammock depending on how much you paid for your hammock but look at it this way, a good sleeping bag sometimes costs as much, if not more, than your tent...depending.

04-15-2005, 14:06
I would put the bag under you on the OUTSIDE of the hammock, attaching it with whatever works. I used safety pins and although I didn't like the idea of pinning things to the hammock, it did allow me to see generally what an underquilt would be like.

If you decide to try something like this, watch the way you provide for stretching of the fabric when you are IN the hammock. The best way to judge how tight / loose to hang the bag under the hammock would be to have someone else do it for you while you are in the hammock. Or you attach it while someone of similar size to you is in the hammock. I had to guess/adjust/guess/adjust and through trial and error, I got the fit right.

Good luck and keep trying it.

For the record, I eventually tried several things and finally bought a Nest and No Sniveler. Like most gear purchases, I was sweating the price tag until I actually went out and tried it. The performance made it clear that I had chosen wisely and that I had spent my money wisely. YMMV, but it works for me.

Just Jeff
04-15-2005, 16:47
Get a comparably sized fleece blanket (48x78")and sew a drawstring into the ends. Cinch up the drawstring and tie it to the hammock support, or attach it with shockcord.

For fleece, the tightness doesn't really matter as long as it's touching the bottom of the hammock. For down, if it squeezes too tight it'll compress so fit is more important.

Basically, you can look up directions for a Garlington Taco and make it smaller and out of fleece (or any other blanket you have handy). That'll give you a better idea than trying to adapt a sleeping bag, IMO.