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Wise Old Owl
06-18-2012, 00:06
Darrel David Rice16313

Convicted kidnapper, suspect in Va. killings living in Stevensville
By SCOTT DAUGHERTY, Staff Writer (sdaugherty@capitalgazette.com) Published September 09, 2007 Darrell David Rice spent 10 years in a federal prison for the attempted kidnapping of a woman in Shenandoah National Park in 1997.The 39-year-old was the government's prime suspect in a brutal double slaying of two hikers in the same park the year before.

His name made national headlines again in 2004 when federal prosecutors dropped capital murder charges against him, citing new forensic evidence that could cast on their case. (DNA did not match)

Now he is living on Kent Island.

"I have been flooded with concerned phone calls,& Quote" said Queen Anne's County Commissioner Gene M. Ransom III, D-Grasonville, explaining he's never had so many constituents call and e-mail him on a single topic. I am getting bombarded." Rice, formerly of Columbia, was released from a federal prison in Virginia on July 17, 2007 and promptly moved to Maryland, U.S. Probations and Parole officials said. He will be on supervised probation for three years and must wear a GPS-equipped ankle bracelet during that time, officials said.

"It's about the most extreme (monitoring) I have heard of, quote" said Queen Anne's County State's Attorney Frank M. Kratovil. He added the community's concerns are legitimate, but stressed local and federal authorities are watching Rice."
He violated Parole and went back for additional time......


Sep 24, 2011

Is it a coincidence that each time this man has been released, women's bodies have been found? His December 2009 to July 2010 parole haunts three families.

An anonymous comment posted August 1, 2011, on a Suite 101 story published June 17, 2010 (http://suite101.com/article/update-darrell-rice-returned-to-prison-for-parole-violations-a246999#ixzz1Yt7DVNvW)seemed too rushed for punctuation:

"Is this man out of prison? if so when was he released? My aunt was reported missing 1/15/2010 and the name darrell rice has come up in conversation but there is so many reports with different dates to his release. Thank you for any help!"

Suite 101 writers cannot respond directly to comments made on their own stories, but after some investigation of the questions raised by this obviously very concerned family member, a follow-up seemed in order.

Read more at Suite101: Darrell Rice Freed - Women Missing/Dead in Virginia | Suite101.com (http://suite101.com/article/darrell-rice-freed---women-missingdead-in-virginia-a390247#ixzz1y76zFMbB) http://suite101.com/article/darrell-rice-freed---women-missingdead-in-virginia-a390247#ixzz1y76zFMbB

06-18-2012, 00:36
Thanks for reporting on that Woo.damn shame

Wise Old Owl
06-18-2012, 08:41
We need a new law- like registered murder offenders

06-18-2012, 10:31
we need a new law- like registered murder offenders
yes we do...

06-18-2012, 11:58
Like most permit holders, I don't carry on the trail unless I'm Leary of leaving my side arm in the car. This kind of news can change minds. Still, ill stick with bear mace for now.

06-18-2012, 13:55
Hell before long their let Charles Manson out of prison, what a shame

Wise Old Owl
07-04-2012, 14:56
I was "researching an old story from the 80's and came across this today - good report - or article with photos