View Full Version : Slackpacking NC/Tenn.

04-16-2005, 17:14
I'm planning a hike from Davenport Gap to Erwin and want to slackpack as much as possible, as my wife will be going and sightseeing while I hike. Any help with car accessable trailheads would be appreciated.

04-17-2005, 10:10
Day 1 Davenport Gap to Max Patch. Very long day for you for a first day.
Day 2 Unless she can find the back road to that little grassy gap south of Lemon Shelter, you will carry a back pack into Day 3
Day 3 - Hot Springs. Hot Tubs. Elmer's.
Day 4 to Allen Gap - very hard climb. Probably better to have drop off at Allen Gap and walk back to Hot Springs. Might be a nice night for a hot tub and a massage.
Day 5,6 You are hiking with a pack, and will meet her at Devil Fork Gap. Go back to Miss Janet's in Erwin for the night. You need a shower.
Day 7 Devil Fork to Sam's Gap
Day 8 Sam's to Spivey
Day 9 Spivey to Erwin.