View Full Version : Seal of entry to Hennessy Hammock?

Big Dawg
04-16-2005, 21:36
Is the velcro closure on the entry of the Hennessy Hammock a continuous strip giving complete closure, or what? How exactly does the HH entry seal up? I've read/heard they "snap shut" w/ the pressure of you sitting in it, & has velcro. Thanks for more detail!:D

SGT Rock
04-16-2005, 21:44
The original HH did not have continuous velcro, just three strips about three inches long each. Tom said people were so worried about this that he ended up relenting and changing to a continuous strip. The continuous strip may help keep some insects out, but it really doesn't do anything to keep you in. Your weight holds it closed as soon as you sit in it. I often let things hang out the bottom of the hammock tied from the ridge-line like a stuff sack with rain gear and my foot gear tied together at the strings.

04-16-2005, 22:09
i have never had bug problems,it closes just fine:cool: neo

04-16-2005, 23:04
I got one of the early (pre-asym) models with the solid velcro closure. I almost wish it was intermittent instead of solid. It would be easier to open and close and a lot less noisey when you have to get out at night.

AT 2003

04-16-2005, 23:51
From their website, the velcro is intended to keep it closed and bug-free when you're NOT on board. When you're inside the body weight keeps it closed.