View Full Version : trail days 2005

04-16-2005, 22:13
hey are ya,ll gonna let me come to trail days this year,i heard it thru the grape vine that jetboil fanatics are not allowed,because we may infect others
happy trails to all :cool: neo

SGT Rock
04-16-2005, 22:24
They had JetBoil there last year too. Didn't make any difference.

Did you see the BackpackingLight test of gas stoves, looks like the Coleman ultralight stove at 2.7 ounces performed very close to the JetBoil using a simple steel pot.

Lone Wolf
04-17-2005, 00:11
Jet boils suck.

04-17-2005, 09:48
Jet boils suck.
why do they suck lone wolf:cool: neo