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Zippy Morocco
06-23-2012, 12:55

These carbon fiber poles come in at 7.4 ounces a pair with straps. I originally bought them while they were still being sold from Titanium Goat. I love the weight and strength of the poles along with the customer service and warranty. I have been hiking with these through two seasons and expect them to be with me for the duration of my 2000 miles in 2013. My wife also sports a pair.

Cons: Adjustment can be temperamental. The expanding washer sometimes doesn't engage and needs to be adjusted a little with poles apart. Hasn't been an issue with my pair as much as my wife's. A maintenance kit would fix this problem if and when I order one.

Pros: Weight, strength, cottage industry made, customer service.

I would highly recommend these poles to any trekker that feel they can roll without flip locks. I have yet to see a pair of manufactured poles that I would rather have.

Odd Man Out
06-23-2012, 13:56
Gossamer Gear has poles with almost the same specs. Does anyone have experience with both and could compare? The grips look different. Don't know about the locking mechanism.

Zippy Morocco
06-23-2012, 17:09
I haven't used those but have heard good things. I believe the locking mechanism is the same or very similar. I would be interested in how they compare over all.

06-23-2012, 22:35
Titanium Goats (now sold by Rutalocura) poles are almost the same as Gossemer Gears adjustable poles except for Gossemer Gear's better handle (and much higher price) though TitGoat came up with the design at least 2 years earlier. TitGoat (Rutalocura) also offers a fly fishing pole adapter for them which is kind of neat. I bought a pair of Goat Poles back in 2008 and used them on my 2009 PCT thru-hike. I had a little over 3000 miles before I finaly broke one a few months ago (was only using 1 instead of 2 so was less stable and after stumbling stepped HARD on the middle of the lower section). I'm about to buy Gossemer Gears version just for the better handles as that was my only complaint with the Goat Poles; wasn't an issue on shorter trips, but after 2 months, my hands would have prefered a different handle (but I'm paying more for it).

05-10-2013, 11:24
Having compared the 2 side by side and spending some time with both, I like the adjusting mechanism on the GG LT4s better. The bolt is beefier and seems to have less adjustment problems (read none experienced, though some have them freeze up). I have seen both break the lower portion, and I was able to fix the LT4 easily with a dowel and some epoxy. The Goat pole splintered pretty bad (I didn't see the fall so cant explain why). That being said, try buying a pair of the GG LT4s, it looks to take a lot of luck on the buy/sell forums these days.

05-25-2013, 07:38
When will GG have LT4s for sale?