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06-24-2012, 12:21
IS there any way to order free or buy a map of the trail or even a section of trail?please let me know thank you

06-24-2012, 21:43
Google earth has a relatively accurate AT marked from start to finish. It even has most of the shelters marked. Or call these guys Appalachian Trail Conference, 888-287-8673

06-25-2012, 09:26
kinda want a hands on map old school wise this way use compass set marks and just pack it up and blaze on

06-25-2012, 14:55
Look here;
https://www.atctrailstore.org/catalog/itemlist.cfm?atcmem=0&catid=42&pcatid=0&compid=1 (https://www.atctrailstore.org/catalog/itemlist.cfm?atcmem=0&catid=42&pcatid=0&compid=1)
notice that there are several pages of maps

06-25-2012, 15:20
Or,swing on down to your local Eastern Mountain Sports,down there on Chestnut street,they carry maps of the trail.Also REI in Chonchohonkihonkikinohin.

Rocket Jones
06-25-2012, 18:41
I understand your desire for free maps, but map sales help provide the money needed by the clubs maintaining the AT.

06-26-2012, 08:12
i said free or buy what ever comes first i order one so its ok