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04-18-2005, 09:33
I've read a lot about vitamin I, and it is apparent that most people take it quite frequently. But what about Icy Hot / Bengay ? I can't imagine going hiking for 6 months without some. As for the smell... well, I admit I like it (I've associated the minty smell with "good feelings"... call it operant conditioning if you will). Do you use it? Why/why not?

04-18-2005, 11:09
Icy Hot is a must for footrubs. Wouldn't have finished without it.

04-18-2005, 12:44
Icy Hot and Ben-gay are "feel good" topical treatments that don't directly address the swelling caused by overused muscles/ligaments/tendons. Vitamin I (ibuprofen) addresses the swelling, but in larger doses (800+ mg) it can mask the pain (leading to further injury) and is pretty tough on your stomach lining if taken for an extended period. Basically, if a topical treatment works for you, then it's better than popping ibuprofen tablets.

Now I've got to try Icy Hot on my feet after the end of a long day. Sounds interesting.

04-18-2005, 13:10
m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-ICY HOT!

i like it or a lil' Tabasco on my freeze-dried entrees....tastes GREAT!

hehehehehehehe :D

04-18-2005, 13:34
Is it so much a feel good or is it a treatment? Ice, heat, rest, maybe streching are the methods to treat muscles and splints are they not?

04-18-2005, 13:45
I'm leary of using either of those. A couple times in the distant past, I used ohh, say deep heat or bengay on a leg. then, weeks, I said WEEKS later, when I performed some exercise type activity, the leg would begin burning again. really really bad. Once, I had to jump in the river in the middle of a run, just to make the pain go away.

don't know anyone else that's happened to, but I don't want to experience it again myself.

04-18-2005, 16:48
Is it so much a feel good or is it a treatment? Ice, heat, rest, maybe streching are the methods to treat muscles and splints are they not?Icy Hot and Ben-Gay do not change actual temperature, they use topical ointments such as eucalyptus oil or menthol to stimulate nerves on the skin. Best case is they get a little more blood flowing at the epidural layer. You need ice or a chemical ice pack for cold. On the trail, find your nearest fast-running stream and immerse the injured body part in cold water for up to 20 minutes, say once an hour. Wrap in an ace bandage (I carry 3" self-stick wrap) and try to not use. Ibuprofen helps a lot to keep the swelling down (I usually overdose with 600-1000 mg every 4-6 hours the first day for a bad sprain/pull, dropping down to 400 mg in a day or two). Only apply heat and stretching after a few days once the swelling has gone down.

04-18-2005, 19:11
Make sure also, if you're using icy hot that you are not sunburned AT ALL. I use it on my shoulder over the summer when I work at camp. One time I was slightly pink and didn't notice, as it didn't hurt. I had my co-counselor put it on for me, and let me tell you, it was the worst burning ever. I was running to the showerhouse in my bra and shorts with a towel psuedo-wrapped around me, screaming the whole way. (And I do work at a co-ed camp.) Took about 20 minutes of continual cold water to calm the screaming. And I missed the first half of lunch. Never again.

Pencil Pusher
04-18-2005, 19:11
While we're on ibuprofin and such, taking that stuff for extended periods of time can do damage to the liver. Can't remember if I read that or if someone told it to me... grain of salt... But I've also heard if you're over 40 and wake up without any aches or pains, you're dead :D

04-19-2005, 10:52
I've also heard if you're over 40 and wake up without any aches or pains, you're dead :DThis is true, although I think it started when I was in my early 30's.

04-19-2005, 11:30
I guess I can lose the 1.2 oz of icy hot. Another oz gone!

04-20-2005, 09:09
I did a liitle section hike of Georgia a few weeks back and carried a 3-pack of the ICY-HOT sleeves. The medicine in it gave me initial relief, but the sleeve gave my knees compression support that was desperately needed. Saved my hike

Meadow Creek
06-30-2005, 14:04
Traumeel works wonders. Think of it as the homeopathic alternative to IcyHot & such.

Miss Daisy
07-01-2005, 23:55
The best cure for tired muscles is to jump in a cold creek! All my friends sitting in the hot springss get sore but not me....My doc friends say that "ice" is best for the first 48 hours (thus cold water)....I've also learned not to take a real hot shower after a heavy workout....Now granted, I'm a bit older and prone to getting sore anyway - those under 40 may not even have to think about it but...................it works for me :D and it jumpstarts my heart! Besides, Icy Hot weighs something....If I'm going to carry something extra it will be a Guiness? Dunkel Weitzen? Stuttgarter Hofbrau? Something with calories! Cold creeks are good for cooling off those too! :-?