View Full Version : Quest for Malcom McLeaod

06-28-2012, 00:57
I am a crew leader(West Coast) on a quest for the scoop on Sierra Ranger Malcom McLeod, inventor of the mcLeod firefighting and trail tool.
I can only find online that he was a ranger in the Sierras and the inventor of the tool in the early 1900s...nothing else.
In all fairness I offer a straight trade. Here is a great link on Big Ed Pulaski, inventor of the pulaski tool:

-Pretty cool huh?-

I wish to put out there that I have never visited the AT as of yet and registered with you guys to try and search Mr. McLeod down. Although my pops was born in Charleston in the the 'By God' West Virginia and I do wish to hike the trail near there to check out Dad's Mountain -Any suggestions on hooking up there would be very much apreciated-

Thanks you guys!

-Eric Barnett-