View Full Version : Google earth trail fly by

06-29-2012, 15:43
has anyone ever built a fly by for google earth of the trail? If you know of any resources fro this, can you provide a link?

06-29-2012, 22:16
I've used kml files found here:http://guymott.com/atgps.html to fly down parts of the trail.
I've also built my own by dragging in gpx files, and select "make kml linefile" when importing, then find the path and fly it.
I've also used gpsbabel to do similar things.
Using the ATC data, I've used mapsource to string together stuff for flying, but I think it's off a bit (not wgs84 or something).
The trail is a bit too kinky for smooth flying to me, but that could be I don't know what I'm doing.