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06-29-2012, 19:50
It's a funny summer. I imagine there are a few of us who are wanting more info on what it's like out there. My plan has been a Durango-bound hike starting 1st week of July. Any insight on these things would be great. Thank you in advance!

- Fire danger. This map (http://activefiremaps.fs.fed.us/current.php?sensor=modis&extent=conus&type=firedanger) makes it look not so bad, but obviously there's a lot of activity, and between all the dead and down trees and the dry winter and warm spring, it seems like risk should be high. How improbable is it that a fire would sneak up on and burn a CT thru hiker?

- Water availability. I haven't seen much but conjecture. Can anyone speak to flow at ephemeral sources?

- Tree obstacles. Sounds like S12 is in decent shape. Maybe a bit slow but no big deal? Thanks volunteers!

- Air quality. Anyone know what visibility and breathing is like out there?

06-30-2012, 10:16
Just do it. If you wait for a perfect year you may never get to go.

If I were hiking this year I would carry one extra water bottle and a propane stove (or no stove). Other than that, I wouldn't do anything differently.

June is historically the driest month in Colorado. It should get wetter soon. (Then you can start freaking out about lightning, staying dry, and hypothermia.)

07-01-2012, 00:26
I agree with Bearcreek. If this year is good for your schedule, go for it!

Yes, we do have some fires due to the dry conditions... but at the present time, the CT isn't under threat, and air quality shouldn't be a problem.

Conditions could change, of course - but as of today, I would go.

07-01-2012, 09:42
Cool. Thanks. That's what I wanted to hear. Would still like to know about water sources if anyone's been out there...

07-12-2012, 20:47
I did sections 1-6....water in sections 1-4 is very scarce, so be prepared to drink alot when you find water and carry more than usual. I stopped on July3, but I had no water issues in sections 5 and 6,.

Trail Bug
07-13-2012, 07:45
You may get more hits if you change the title of your post. Till I read it I thought you were asking about Connecticut (CT) not Colorado (CO).