View Full Version : Effect of Last Night's Storms on Neighbor Mt Fire?

Rocket Jones
06-30-2012, 09:27
Last night a powerful line of thunderstorms plowed over the Blue Ridge and slammed the DC metro area. That's news. What I want to know is if the high winds and then big rain helped or hindered the efforts to contain the Neighbor Mountain fire in SNP. Anyone have recent news?

Mrs Baggins
06-30-2012, 14:48
As of 1 pm more than 800 acres have burned and Skyline is closed from MM 4.6 to MM 31.5 (Dickey Ridge Visitors Center) due to storm damage. This is what went thru here last night:


06-30-2012, 15:23
SNP Fire ClosuresThe following trails are closed due to fire activity: the Appalachian Trail between Elkwallow and Beahms Gap, Jeremys Run, Neighbor Mountain, Knob Mountain and Knob Mountain Cutoff. Jeremys Run Overlook and Byrds Nest #4 shelter are also closed.
Skyline Drive Closures due to storm damage.The South District from Swift Run on Rt. 33 to Rockfish Gap on Rt. 64 is closed due to strom damage. This is unrelated to the fire in the northern section of the park.

06-30-2012, 15:55
It rolled through NJ here early this morning,the size of the storm at that point,was as large as half the state of NJ,all in the red,didn't get much rain up this way,but the electrical show was awesome,though my pup never thinks so...

Rocket Jones
06-30-2012, 16:41
Thanks for that link, Mrs. B, and also thanks SailsET, I had seen that about the trail closures but not the Skyline Drive closure from storm damage. I haven't been able to find a fire update. In April we were staying at Range View cabin and a big storm rolled through. On the eastern side of the ridge we got sprinkles and drizzle, on the western side you could barely see your hand in front of your face. I'm hoping that something similar happened last night in the Elkwallow area.

06-30-2012, 17:50
All of Skyline Drive is open now.

From a comment on SNP's Facebook Page:
Unfortunately, last night's storm did not help much. But, we have crews working and more on the way. We will keep you posted.

I don't think there was much in the way of rain - lots of wind, which would be very bad for the fires, but it doesn't sounds like is was as bad as it could have been.

kayak karl
06-30-2012, 18:53
It rolled through NJ here early this morning
Very Sad.

06-30-2012, 19:03
In DC, it looks like a tornado ripped through here. It's sort of off topic, but if you're out on the trail in the middle of it, what are you supposed to do? Seeing what it did to trees here, I wonder how horrible it would be for the woods in SNP.

06-30-2012, 19:16
Very Sad.
http://www.nj.com/gloucester-county/index.ssf/2012/06/two_boys_die_when_pine_tree_fa.htmlOh man,I hadn't heard that yet,sad indeed,I remember the fella up in bulls Island yast year on the Delaware,Didn't know Parvin had such a rich history either.