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Two of a Kind
07-03-2012, 13:20
Just curious...Is the JMT blazed in any way like the AT is? Are there cairns instead? ...(not too many trees to blazem,right?) Is it correct to assume that there is signage at trail junctions? Thanks!

07-10-2012, 01:26
There are signs thruout the Sierra at trail junctions. Occasionally one will be missing, taken down in a winter storm or something. There are also i blazes from the 30s and later carved on trees that let you know you are on a regular trail. (carvings that look like an i....a vertical dash with a dot on top) There are not however JMT specific blazes or markings. It's not hard to find your way tho ...the trail is marked on every topo map you might buy, so you just check junctions and make sure you stay on the JMT at each junction.

07-10-2012, 06:11
Yes, you have to pay attention at trail junctions.
Carry a map or GPS and keep an eye on where you are and what you need to do at the next junction/Y/crossroads/road/etc.
Signs are the name of the game on the JMT.
if they are missing, you need to use your head (map)

I was nighthiking the JMT once and got lost. Only went a mile or two but it sucks. Especially at night.