View Full Version : Slickrock Creek Conditions

Hitchin' Post
07-03-2012, 18:11
Does anybody know the current condition of Slickrock Creek? Is it safe to ford?

Tipi Walter
07-03-2012, 20:31
We've had a lot of short-burst rains in Monroe county lately which is a couple miles from the Slickrock crossing---but to actually know you'd have to be down there with your crocs on. Knowing the amount of rain we've had and the sudden quick deluges I'd say it is passable as the water has been very low for weeks prior. Long all day, three day rains---that's what turns it into a terror.

SGT Rock
07-03-2012, 20:32
Mostly likely it will be below your knees.

Hitchin' Post
07-06-2012, 08:44
Thanks to both of you!

SGT Rock
07-06-2012, 19:29
If you go up that way please note any blow downs, that is my section and I fear there may be some damage after that storm yesterday.