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07-05-2012, 15:40
Hello all,

I come today with a dilemma; I recently discovered I had all of July/August for hiking and am not sure whether to go from HF - Katahdin or the opposite. I am planning on leaving July 10th as I prepared for a thru hike back in May but was unable to leave when I wanted too. I have all of my supplies, data book, and have gone over my equipment with a fine tooth comb and have closed it down to under 25 lbs.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated,


07-05-2012, 15:45
It depends on what challenge you prefer: yucky hot humid weather - then start at Harpers and hike north. More rugged hiking conditions, steep ups and downs, more mosquitoes - start at Katahdin and hike south. I'd greatly prefer the latter but that's just me.

kayak karl
07-05-2012, 16:01
go north. you live in the south. if u haven't been u'll like it.

kayak karl
07-05-2012, 16:03
go north. you live in the south. if u haven't been u'll like it.
LOL never mine. miss read. HF to Me is my vote

07-05-2012, 16:23
I do believe I'd go the other way and start in ME and hike south.

Get to the AT Lodge in Millinocket and get one of their SOBO package deals and head south. Easier to get home when you're done and you'd get the hard part out of the way first while you're still fresh. You'd be passing a LOT of NOBO thrus coming up the further south you got though.