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07-08-2012, 09:42
As you hike near Pearisburg, VA - Woods Hole Hostel is a must stay!! Woods Hole is not just a hostel but a place where you will rejuvenate your spirit. Woods Hole will quickly remind you that living in the moment and relishing each day is what life is about.

Thanks Neville and Michael

Jester (Julie)

Rain Man
07-08-2012, 10:25
So true!



07-08-2012, 10:46
This is one of the very few hostels that I plan to stay at. I have heard it is really great.

Red Hat
07-08-2012, 16:50
WIAPilot, this is a great hostel, but there are LOTS of great hostels. Can't think of one that I didn't enjoy somehow. Some are fancy, some are plain, some are clean, some are dirty.... but they all serve their purpose. Don't miss Blueberry Patch in GA, Standing Bear Farm in NC, Mountain Harbor and Kinkora in TN, Woods Hole, Dutch Haus, and Bears Den in VA, Free State Hiker Hostel in Md, Ironmasters, Jail House, and Church of the Mountain in PA, Green Mountain House in VT, and Hikers Welcome in NH.

Red Hat
07-08-2012, 16:55
oh my, I left out Four Pines Hostel in VA. Excellent, unfortunately it was closed in 2010 when I went through, but I was lucky to have been there back in 2003, and it has reopened!

07-08-2012, 17:02
Thanks Red! I think many of them are on my list, but I will look at all of them again.

Del Q
07-08-2012, 18:00
My #1 favorite spot so far.

Brought my wife back there.........still trying to talk her into long distance hiking.

If there is a place of Peace it's Woods Hole Hostel for sure!

07-29-2015, 18:04
After staying at Wood's Hole ('WH') last week, I completely agree with the good words given by others about the hospitality of Neville & Michael (N&M).
No matter what your needs are for this area; if you're hiking near, or south of, Pearisburg; this is a must stop.

The WH web site
and Facebook{R} page
are the best place to start for info; my words will only be supplemental or explanatory.

First question, of course, is how to get there.
If driving a car, their directions
will get you there, as long as look to the left after you begin to drive on the dirt part of the road.
If you're hiking along the A.T., the road to WH is Sugar Run Road, which is two miles south of Doc's Knob Shelter.
When you get to this dirt road as you hike along the AT, you turn east towards the intersection of dirt roads
and then turn left at the intersection, as the sign will tell you.

You can spend the night here, under a roof
for $16*, or you can camp on the grounds for $10.

If three or more people want to have a meal, and all are willing to help out with prep & clean, WH provides dinners for $13 and breakfasts for $8.
Prep for the former starts at 6pm, and the meal is at 7pm; the latter, prep at 7am, meal at 8pm. A cup of coffee in the morning is free, and starts at 7:15am.

You can hang out at the bunkhouse lower level to just catch your breath, buy some cold munchies, re-charge your electrical devices (about a dozen outlets), exchange books, play games, drop off trash & recyclables, or dump off stuff in the hiker box. However, you must cook outside.

The adjacent wash-house has a sink, washboard, wringer, and clothes line for laundry -- all free but no soap provided.
If you need a washing machine, WH has one for a $5 fee (soap & dryer included). In either case, WH provides clothes to wear while yours are being washed.
The wash-house also has a flush toilet and a shower ($3 or free with stay); the latter has towels but no soap.

N&M are licensed massage specialists, and will be happy to help you get your aches massaged out.

The only internet access WH has is a satellite connection, for which the charge is $1 an hour. Due to the limited band width of this access, no photos can be uploaded.

You can also buy toilet paper, alcohol, Coleman{R} fuel, iso-butane canisters, mailing boxes, and fresh, home-made food.

WH also provides shuttles from their place to almost anywhere in Southwest Virginia.
Ask ahead of time what you need, and N&M should have no problem providing the shuttle you need at the time you want it.

There are a few rules that have been implemented in order to ensure everybody has a good experience. Thus: no alcohol, no non-prescription or illegal drugs, no smoking in or near any building, no feeding or approaching the farm animals, quiet time is 10p to 7am, and campfires limited to the fire ring.

There's most likely a dozen ways that N&M can help you that I forgot to mention. Whatever you need, just ask (politely!) and you'll most likely get assistance.

N&M gladly accept cash or personal checks for their services. They will also accept credit cards, but will impose a surcharge for such payments.
There are options if you are broke, but never expect to get something for nothing.

If coming here, always remember that this is a working farm whose owners have graciously extended hospitality to hikers. N&M run a business, NOT a charity, so don't be shocked when a BUSINESS expects payments for services.

* Yes, I know their URL says "$15," but their sign says "$16", and that's what I paid.

07-30-2015, 08:15
An experience not to be missed!!!!!!!

Old Hiker
07-30-2015, 09:00
Looking forward to at least dropping by in 2016.