View Full Version : Looking for Hitch

04-21-2005, 23:08
I have a friend that started April 1st and I have a mail drop for her but I'm not sure where she's at so I can make the next drop. I'm pretty sure she's past Fontana Dam by now. She seems to be averaging 6-8 miles a day. If anyone knows of a last siting please let me know. Thanks

04-22-2005, 05:17
You can go to www.aldha.org (http://www.aldha.org), click on the comapnion giude, there you will the phone #'s and address of hostel's up the line from your friend, simply call them to see who has seen her last and when. Then calculate the time distance where she will be and figure in your mail time. add a couple of days and it should make it to her, that is if you know what her intenary is.

04-22-2005, 08:35
If it's the same Hitch I know. We hiked from Gooch Shelter to Unicoi Gap together, before my vacation ended. If she is still with the same group (Buffet & Goat, RedWolf, Swinger, Clock and StumpJumper), they are going to be in Gatlinburg tomorrow and Sunday. Not sure where they are staying though. I have been e.mailing Buffet and Goat, so I will ask where they are staying tomorrow and Sunday and can get back to you then with an expected itinerary.

I PMed you to confirm we are talking about the same person.