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07-16-2012, 14:35
This is an update on the federal prison hiring in NH. The new prison was built two years ago but the federal government didn't fund it for a year. It is now being staffed up with managers and supervisors but the delay in the staffing caused many of the locals to go elsewhere as they could not wait. The prison is now trying to staff up with entry level workers and is having a tough time getting good candidates. The application process and interview process is extensive and they are even running seminars to help folks fill out the paperwork. The prison is near the AT in the Whites and is just north of Gorham NH so living in a trail town is a definite possibility. The government pays for training. The pay and benefits appear to be attractive and housing is cheap. The area definitely has four season including winter so if you are a warm weather person its not a good fit.

The limitations they have posted for new candidates are

Under the age of 38 for first time employees
No drug use
No significant criminal record (havign a record doesnt immediately disqualify but how you handle it does)
Good credit (they claim that folks in financial trouble tend to be tempted by ways of making extra cash from the prisoners).

I have nothing to do with the prison. The NH employment security office in Berlin has specially trained folks to deal with potential candidates. If you search for the Berlin Daily Sun (free subscription) you can look at the local paper and look for articles about the facility.