View Full Version : Anybody have experience using Trails Illustrated Yellowstone sectional maps?

Different Socks
07-16-2012, 22:52
I am trying to find out just how far east and north the northeast TI map goes on realation to Cooke City. The website does not give a detailed illustration(no pun intended) as to the exact location of each sectional map, just a general listing of major ranges, watersheds, valleys, canyons, etc. Does anyone own one and can answer this question?

07-17-2012, 09:59
Maybe I misunderstand your question. Once you go to the site for the Yellowstone map set, you can click on the magnify glass and an online copy of the map (as it does for most TI maps they sell) that shows where the trail goes.

You can then zoom or navigate all over those maps.


Spirit Walker
07-17-2012, 11:09
Map 304 includes Cooke City to the east and Tower to the north, but barely. If you are staying on park trails, you should be fine. If you intend to hike into Cooke City by another route that goes outside the park, you might want the NF maps as well.

Different Socks
07-20-2012, 00:35
the website carefully enough or all the features were not available at the time. I called up customer service and got some awesome help and great info about where exactly the map covers the area i was seeking.

However, their numbered maps 303 and 304 were backwards.