View Full Version : AMC's Gorman Chairback Lodge - how far from AT?

07-21-2012, 14:22
The Gorman-Chairback Lodge looks as if it would make a very nice break at about the 25th mile in the 100-Mile Wilderness, however I don't see much mention of it on WB. Anyone ever stayed there while doing the 100-Miles? How far is it from the AT? More upscale than the NH huts?

07-21-2012, 15:13
Skid: Looks like there is a trail that will get you to Gorman Chairback Lodge in 2.1 miles (there maybe other options)

From the AMC website: "Hike Third Mountain Trail [moderate to strenuous, 3 – 5 hours]* Hike the Third Mountain Trail for 2.1 miles to the intersection of the AT. There you may decide to head south to Fourth Mountain or take the trail 0.7 north to Third Mountain or West Chairback Pond. "

Also a quote from the summer/fall 2012 edition of 'Appalachia'

"Like the White Mountain huts, Gorman Chairback offers a work-for-stay program, allowing thru-hikers to complete chores in exchange for meals and lodging. At dinner the first night, I sat next to “Hightop” and “Boomer,” who, in their 50s and footsore after a rough week in the 100-Mile Wilderness, had chosen to pay full price and marinate in relative opulence."

Sounds like an interesting option.

07-21-2012, 15:35
imscotty, Thanks for the info, an additional 2.1 miles each way might not be too bad, if it means a warm bed, shower, and hot meal(s).