View Full Version : RV camping near Katahdin?

Mrs Baggins
07-24-2012, 17:43
We're doing a road trip up to Maine Sept 4 - 15. We're towing our tent trailer up there. We'd love to park it near Katahdin and climb the mountain. Is there a campground close enough for us to get up and start climbing by 5 am? Should we park it somewhere, spend a night in a shelter and then start up?

Lone Wolf
07-24-2012, 17:49
camp at abol bridge campground then drive to the park early in the morning

07-25-2012, 06:40
Check with the good people at New England Outdoor Center. They have an excellent campground on Pockwockamus Pond, which is next to the "painted rock" just before Baxter Park entrance. Their website is www.neoc.com (http://www.neoc.com) and they also offer outstanding whitewater rafting options along the Penobscot River that will put the fear of God into you. There are also several other campgrounds in the area, some of which have hookups, showers, etc. Check with the Millinocket Chamber of Commerce visitor center when you drive into town.