View Full Version : US 321, Hampton

The Solemates
04-25-2005, 18:42
Where would be a good place (safest) to park my car at the Watauga/321/Hampton area for a walk into Trail Days?

04-25-2005, 18:51
I'd call Bob Peoples at Kincora: 423/725-4409

He doesn't have very much parking himself but he knows Hampton and could probably make a suggestion.


Lone Wolf
04-25-2005, 18:59
How about parking in Damascus and me driving you to Hampton?

04-25-2005, 19:28
Bob would suggest that you park in Damascus and walk to your car. It cost me a bit of bucks ($50 or less) plus $2 per day at Damascus. That gave me a shower at Mt Rogers Outfitters, to boot. Of course if you must park in Hampton, you might find that Bob "volunteers" you into the Hard Core crew.

SGT Rock
04-25-2005, 19:45
I like Lone Wolf's idea. That way you are walking back to your car and no worries ;)

The Solemates
04-26-2005, 15:16
the suggestion about hiking back to my car is not really an option since i want to be hiking INTO trail days (along with the hoards of others, i know, but...). i have the time off before trail days, not afterwards.

i already plan on getting a ride back to my car after trail days is over.