View Full Version : Water? Newfound Gap to Erwin, TN

07-25-2012, 20:55
Start hiking next week from Newfound Gap to Erwin, TN and curious about what the water situation is. Good news is that it looks like isolated showers over the next 6 days (20-40%), but hoping there is already some water flowing so I will not be dependent upon this actually happening.

So has anyone been on this section lately, and how were the water sources?

07-25-2012, 22:04
wonder how the temps are on the AT, Im supposed to be out there second week of august. NFG-Davenport gap

The Cleaner
07-25-2012, 22:13
I've heard that it has been in the upper 70's and the dewpoint is about the same.We have had many thunderstorms and I would think that the good reliable springs are flowing.After working outside for 30 years I'd have to be paid to hike in this hot weather.Nothing worse than sweating all day then trying to sleep with all that sweaty crud all over your body...