View Full Version : Boiling Springs to Darlington Shelter night hike

07-26-2012, 17:29
Hi Blazers
I am hiking from Boiling Springs to Darlington shelter Saturday but will getting a late start. Is the trail marked so as to be able to hike in the dark ? I have night hiked before but not through corn fields and cow pastures.


making my way up and down Pennsylvania a few miles at a time.

07-26-2012, 20:12
Left Boiling Springs headed for Darlington at 3:30pm last year and made it, but the last few miles were in the gloaming-to-dark hours. Don't remember a problem finding the trail, but I do remember it being miserable having to race so much late in the day. I think the AT is at least partially wooded and therefore easy to follow once you get past the highways.

07-27-2012, 16:09
I know when crossing the bridge by the Scott Trail Farm, the trail gets tricky cuz it U-turns but it's marked well from there to Darlington Shelter! From Boiling Springs, you will cross Rte 74 and there is a horse pasture/farm area and that is a tricky one.... Go around the fenced area to the other side and the trail is near the stairs on the other side. Hope this helps!