View Full Version : Linville Gorge hike

07-30-2012, 14:51
Thinking about heading out to linville gorge one day this week. Wouldn't mind a 15-20 mile hike. Any trail recommendations?

kayak karl
07-30-2012, 15:12
the gorge rats will know http://www.linvillegorge.net/smf/index.php :)

Tennessee Viking
07-30-2012, 15:17
If you are wanting to do the MST route, there is only one route to take. US221 across the Catawba and up the OVMT and down to cross the Linville then up the eastern ridgeline to Table Rock then out to NC 181. 35miles. If you want to cut the trip in half you can start at the end of the Memorial Hwy and get picked up at Table Rock Rec Area.

There is lots of elevation change, and the area will be very humid and very weedy during the summer especially Shortoff. But definitely take the quick side trip to Table Rock summit.

Check out Taba's Guide to the MST thru-hiker.us and artshikingmaps.info for maps of the MST route.

You can also follow the Linville Trail which follows most of the river.

07-31-2012, 12:29
You could also park at Table Rock and do an out and back to Shortoff. It may not quite be the mileage you are looking for though. For a stunning view, drop down into the ampitheater area, but I have to warn you, the hike back to the top of the ridge is a lung and thigh buster. On the top ridge trail, about 30mins past the chimneys, look for a place in the trail makes a little pivot turn around a pine tree in the trail with some white quartz rocks near it. The side trail to the ampitheater makes a right turn straight down the mtn. It may make up for any mileage shortage! Be sure to check the bulletin board about trail closures due to peregren falcon nesting.