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07-31-2012, 12:29
I'm hiking northbound, Monson to Katahdin solo in the end of August. What is the best/cheapest way (college student on a budget) to get back down to my car in Monson once I pop out in Baxter. I'd prefer not to get a shuttle service, as the cheapest one I've found so far is $100. Has anyone had any luck hitching back? If not what do you all reccomend?

07-31-2012, 13:07
sad truth is there is NO cheap way of getting back. In Baxter you can easily get a ride to Millinocket (nearest town) as there is only one road out. But once in Millinocket.. there is absolutely NO public transportation to get you to Monson. You best bet I think would be to call Shaw's Boarding House in Monson where you are probably going to start from. They will shuttle you but it probably (make that definitely) won't be cheap as it's a long way. They would have to come 100+ miles to get you then go 100 miles to bring you back.

I am not aware of anyone trying to hitch from Baxter to Monson but I have to imagine it won't be easy. Maybe once you get to Katahdin and come back down.. you could 1) get ride to Millinocket and stay at AT Lodge and shmooze with folks to ask/beg for a ride to Monson. That can work but there's no guarantee.

Sorry I can't be of more help but that's pretty much the situation. Maine just isn't a place with many transportation options once you get passed Portland!