View Full Version : Patagonia Capelene level 2 or 3 for GSMNP Sept. 1-9 hike

08-01-2012, 23:26
Want to bring long sleeve and roll up sleeves during day. Not sure whether to get the 2 or 3. Any thoughts

Farr Away
08-02-2012, 12:10
That would depend on how 'cold-natured' you are, what the weather ends up being, where in the park you plan to hike, and whether you tent or hammock.

Personally, I get cold easily and I hammock, so I'll bring my silkweight bottoms and a fleece even in the middle of summer. Most times I use one or the other, sometimes both.

The beginning of September will probably still be quite warm, but I would check the weather just before I left. Whether I was going to be hiking the AT or some of the lower elevations in the park would also factor into what I chose to bring. I have a set of silkweights and a set of the warmest, and I mix and match depending. YMMV, HYOH, etc.

Have fun!

08-02-2012, 17:20
I hiked the Smokies last October 2-8 and hiked in a technical T-shirt 90% of the time, with an unzipped e-Vent jacket for parts of the first day when the wind was howling and the temperature was in the high 30's. I wore very light (4 oz) long pants on 3 days, but probably could've got by with my shorts. In camp I wore a Cap-1 underlayer and R1 fleece, with my e-Vent jacket on the cooler nights.

08-02-2012, 17:28
For September 1st to the 9th I would go with Capilene 2. During the day it could be 80 degrees.

08-26-2012, 00:07
I agree with the cap2. I bought shirt and pants in the 3 and it was too much. I swapped it out for cap1 at REI when I stopped home halfway through my thru. I feel that cap2 could be a good compromise.