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08-04-2012, 08:37
Head's up, if you're looking for a Hubba HP (High Performance), here's your retailer:


The HP models are not offered for sale any longer in North America (ridiculous IMO), so I used my best google-fu and found a reputable retailer with a good price.

Despite what the ad says, it came up 199.96 in the "shopping cart" with an additional 20.97 for delivery via DHL.

All that works out to $345.56 US.

Communication was fantastic.

Tent was delivered in 2 days!


Tent with all packaging and attached labels came in EXACTLY at 2lbs 15.9 oz's rather than the advertised 3lbs :)

With all the packaging, tags and additional stuff removed it weighs 2lbs 13.6 oz's.

Will cut a piece of Tyvek for a footprint today... should bump the weight to right around 3lbs.

08-06-2012, 17:07
Snap. Nice find Brad!

08-07-2012, 08:31
FG, I agree.

I got the Tyvek cut... tent all-up goes 3lbs 0.7 ozs.

Then I ditched the heavyish MSR stuff sacks (you really don't need a separate pole sack either) and used a Silnylon sack and stake sack... all-up weight (w/ Tyvek) is 2lb's 15.2 oz's.

Not bad for a freestanding, all weather tent with good vestibule.

If I find I really like the tent, I'll likely end up with a Fibraplex pole set and drop the weight down to 2.5lbs.