View Full Version : Need assistance planning a route

08-05-2012, 23:34
A friend and I are looking to section hike on the AT. I am unfamiliar with the terrain in areas and was looking for some insight. Just for reference, we have hiked Mt. Washington in about 8 hours round trip with packs(all gear inside). I know we are not the fastest hikers, but I feel we are quite capable. I'm thinking we can hike around 8 - 10 miles a day and we will most likely be tenting the entire time. That being said, what route in the NH/ME area would you recommend for a Friday-Sunday hike?

I was thinking we may attempt to tackle US2-Gorham, NH to NH16-Pinkham Notch, NH which is about 21 miles. Does this sound plausible for a 3 day, 2 night hike? Any insights would be much appreciated.



08-05-2012, 23:41
gorham to pinkham is fairly easily done in 2 days/1 night. 3 days would be very easy.

08-07-2012, 16:13
Great, that is what I was hoping to hear. I didn't want to over do it as it is my first weekend hike and I need to make sure to be back in time for work. If we make it back early, we may just top it off with a Mt. Washington summit hike. Thanks for the input, much appreciated.