View Full Version : Water Supply Monson Maine

08-06-2012, 16:43
Has anyone heard how the water supply is from Monson, Maine south to NH state line? Planning a section hike in about 2 weeks & last week in Tenn. & NC water was in short supply.

Mike ( Mr. Mean)

08-08-2012, 18:45
bump must be dry

08-08-2012, 19:21
I'll comment because no one else has. I think there are plenty of streams and lakes is that area. I'm not the final word for sure but I wouldn't be too concerned about finding water.

Don H
08-08-2012, 21:31
Plenty of lakes and ponds. make sure you treat the water.

08-09-2012, 18:57
Lots of water sources available along the Trail in Maine. Water has dried up at Chairback Gap LT and at Long Pond Stream LT, but both of these are North of Monson. Both of these sources dry up each year, so nothing new here. Lots of streams, lakes and ponds along the way and you won't have any issues finding water. Make sure to treat the pond water and slow moving streams in low lying areas. I still carry only a liter of water at a time when I hike and have never had trouble finding water along the way.