View Full Version : Need help figuring out an access road along Maine/NH border

08-08-2012, 14:52
Hi there,

I have a friend hiking SOBO through Maine, and I live in southern Maine so I'm planning to pick her up for a zero day when she gets to the bottom of Maine.

Where is the southern most point to do a pick up? I'm thinking 26 near Grafton Notch.

Or would I be better off to do the pick up in NH and if so where's the best northern most point to do a trailhead pick up? Would that be Gorham?

I have all seven Maine maps and it really looks like 26 is the best bet in Maine, but I don't have maps for NH so I was wondering if that'd be better.

Any suggestions welcome!:banana

08-08-2012, 17:32
You have a couple of choices. RT 26 at Grafton Notch is the easiest. It has a nice big parking lot and you cant beat the view while waiting for them. Sunday River Brewing is just down the road in Bethel on the way to southern Maine. The next paved road south is Rt 2 in Shelburne NH. There is a parking lot. Its about the same distance from Portland as Grafton Notch. The view is not as nice, it basically a parking lot on the side of the road. If you want you can head up North Road just across the street and meet them at Hogan Road and save them a mile or so but if they are sectioning RT 2 is where they would typically start a NH section. The Shelburne option is about 3 days south of Rt 26. There are also some side trails that leave the Mahoosucs some going north and some going south. I would not recomend the ones to the north as they are on a long rough logging road called Success Pond road it will add 2 hours to your drive and it may beat up your car. The ones that go south end up on the North Road in Shelburne and one ends up way at the end of the Sunday River Road (a bit hard to find). I wouldnt suggest those as its not a logical break point for a section.

If you need to meet them earlier, East B Hill Road NW of Andover is a dirt road by well maintained. This would be about 1 day ahead of RT 26.

08-08-2012, 20:45
I would say Rt 2 in Shelburne, NH just for the reason that it's easy for you to get to and, they won't have to back track up a spur trail to get back on the AT.