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08-09-2012, 08:01
I am planning my next section hike for the end of September. I will be starting at Greenwood Lake Ny (where I left off last year) and hike North. No exact destination. I have a week, thinking about Cornwall Bridge Ct? I have read different things about camping in NY. Guidebook for NY says camping at shelters only. When I look at pictures of the trail I see lots of campsites, especialy after Bear Mtn. I prefer to stay away from shelters.. Whats the deal? Any tips or advise from locals or others who know the trail? Thanks in advance... Happy Hiking.

08-09-2012, 11:12
The Companion says, "Camping limited to designated campsites." There are plenty of those within a comfortable distance apart. In addition, there are plenty of pay for stay or free for long-distance hiker spots such as Graymoor Spiritual Life Center (free) or Clarence Fahnestock State Park ($13/campsite). There is also the Shenandoah Tenting Area before RPH shelter. You should have no trouble finding a place to stay in NY.

A couple of other tips:

The trail will be very rocky (think large rocks) and unexpectedly challenging compared to what the elevation profile shows. This continues until you get past Bear Mountain at which it improves by degrees, including some very pleasant sections of treadway.
RPH shelter has no fire ring and the water that comes out of the handpump is loaded with fine red particles (iron oxide, I presume). This isn't necessarily bad until you filter it at which point your filter begins to clog. Recommend you stay at Shenandoah tenting area prior.
If you can make a stay at the monastery ball field (Graymoor SLC), they have a wonderful facility for hikers. Just before the monastery, at U.S. 9 is one of the most excellent convenience stores i have ever seen. There is outside seating under umbrellas to keep you shaded while you nosh on any of their seemingly limitless options. We even hiked a pint of hard frozen Ben & Jerry's up to the monastery so it had time to thaw. Perfect.
If you have occasion to go into Fort Montgomery, I highly recommend the deli called "Foodies" across from the Post Office. Hassan (sp?) will take very good care of you and fill your belly and water.

Train Wreck
08-09-2012, 12:09
Be very careful if you start the Greenwood Lake section if it's been raining. The rocky ridges become extremely slippery! Earlier this year, our group section-hiked this in the rain and had a couple of bad falls, even though we were being careful. The rocks are really slick when wet because they are scoured smooth by erosion and covered in tiny lichens as well. I resorted to trying to walk in the dirt around the edges of the large boulders, which got really tiresome after a while, but at least I didn't bust my butt. We talked to several NOBO thru-hikers over the next few days, and even they were surprised at the difficulty they encountered traversing this section in the rain.

08-09-2012, 13:05
Thanks for the tips... I saw the Rt 9 deli in pictures. That we be a treat! I was thinking it looked like there were plenty of places to camp, but I always seem to end up with at least 1-2 days where I pass a shelter thinking I want to go on some more and then fall short of the next shelter/campsite. Guess it happens to everybody. As far as the slick rock and "rough" conditions, I'm prepared... When I came off the section last year at Greenwood Lake it was just a week or so after Irene. Wet just begins to describe those trail conditions. That was my first trip when I truly questioned my safety/sanity for being out in those conditions, by myself. I survived and have some good pictures and stories.... The best was the puncheons floating in a foot of water coming across NJ.

Train Wreck
08-09-2012, 13:12
It would have been great if the glacial erosion had scoured grooves in the rocks at an angle that would have provided good traction, but inevitably the grooves sloped downhill and added to the woops! factor.

08-09-2012, 13:35
I can vouch for the deli too! awesome sandwich/hot food spot

08-09-2012, 13:36
its called the appalachian market

08-09-2012, 15:53
Awesome 1 less meal to pack... Plan on using the Greenhouse business at Rt 22 for a mail drop...