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Jane Doe
04-28-2005, 20:17
Once you reached Springer, did you finish up with the approach trail?:confused:

I have an intense love for Georgia...so I'd love to finish in GA. But I don't know if I'd want to miss out on finishing at Katahden...hmm...just rambling.;)

04-28-2005, 22:53
I did not do the approach trail upon my southbound hike. And I agree, one of the bummers about a southbound hike is that you don't necessarily finish at the better end. But there are a lot of plusses to a southbound hike: 1/ less people, which means you can even hike without a tent if you want to except for the month when you will probably be seeing the northbounders. 2/You must start later and if you are getting out of college or school related job, this is a big plus. 3/ You get in shape fast! the first 350 miles are the toughest on the whole trail. The bummer there is that you have to start with the wilderness and carrying 100 miles worth of food can be a lot if you are not in shape and able to do 15 mile days. 4/ you get to see the trail from a whole different view, every day, the climbs are all different, the downhills are all different, the views, the bugs, it's a lot different if you've already hiked a northbound hike. I highly recommend a southbound hike.
If you look at the 3 big trails in the states: AT, PCT, CDT, you'll see that the northern terminus is the more spectacular in all the trails. (well maybe the PCT spot itself isn't so spectacular but the last 100 miles is a lot more scenic, compared to the 1st 100 in the south) But remember, it's not just the finish.......blah blah blah enjoy, fh

04-28-2005, 23:47
Yeah, I agree with Fiddlehead. Not denying that finishing on Mt. K must be amazing, but finishing on Springer was just as amazing for me....and i didn't have to share it with 15 other people. If you are looking for solitude, go SOBO. If you want a more social atmosphere than you will probably want to go NOBO.
Personally, I loved hiking in October in the South when it was just me and the trail.

I did the approach trail but mainly because that was where my ride was. It wasn't anything amazing so your not missing out if you catch a ride at the parking lot.

04-29-2005, 10:33
I'll agree with my friend Fh on all but the 100m not so wilderness as you can resupply these days. I loved the solitude, but left in July. The big K was a great way to START my adventure! You can hike w\ the sobo pack and have plenty of company as well. I've also finished on Katahdin in the clouds- yeehaaa Springer was special because my Dad finished with me and no, we did not do the approach trail.