View Full Version : stuff sacks

04-29-2005, 15:55
Is the sewn grommet on a silnyln sack crucial? All fired up for a Campmor order, and whoa, no grommet at all. I figure they are more tender than my nylon bags, twist, fold, and tie still work? Got hot for GG air bags and see they are "water resistant." Standard blowthrough issue? Are Integral Designs bags sweet? Only need a couple.

04-29-2005, 17:13
I've got the equinox sil nylon bags and they have a grommet. Aren't these the same brand that Campmor carries? Or did Equinox change their design? Anyway, I bought mine at the local EMS.

04-29-2005, 17:42
Ive got 2 of the GG stuff sacks and they are very nice I love them.. water resistant and dont seem like they would tear easily, <-- just in the feel of them you can tell they are kinda thick but very light.