View Full Version : Katadyn Water Filter

04-29-2005, 20:56
I've been looking at the Katadyn Hiker, Hiker Pro and the Katadyn Combi models.

Which one is the best, based on your experience. I assume that spare filter availability/cost is also a factor to consider.

Also interested in other filter recommendations.:)

04-29-2005, 23:18
I use the Hiker - I find it easy to use and like the new adapter for plugging into a bladder. The Pro is realtively new and I believe just a field cleanable version of the hiker. I have not experienced a clogging problem so I do not know the advantage of field cleaning (although my old MSR waterworks clogged like crazy hence the switch to the Hiker).

04-29-2005, 23:19
I used the Hiker for years... great filter, just a little heavy. Now using Aqua Mira when they is not a lot of "solids" in the water.

just hiknthru...

05-01-2005, 03:56
Wasn't on the list, but I use/love the mini. Only 8oz too! Any Katadyns are great though.