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04-29-2005, 21:22
2 weeks from tommorrow i will start my thru hike on the river to river trail
located in southern illinois.the trail is mostly located in shawnee national forrest
and is 160 miles long,i know its not the AT,but i will finish the AT next year
i love hiking period,wherever whenever,i live it,love it,breath it,i dont need to explain here lol,we are all hiking fools here:cool: neo

04-30-2005, 10:49
I've wanted to do the R to R since a friend of mine invited me last summer. Since the government has me elsewhere, I wasn't able to. But since I'm originally from Southern Illinois, I still intend to conquer it.

Looking forward to hearing your reports!


04-30-2005, 12:11
i will post some pics and a report on my hike:cool: neo

04-30-2005, 13:05
I tried to link to www.rivertoriver.org (http://www.rivertoriver.org) but the site wasn't available. Is there another place with good info on the trail? The Outside Magazine website describes the trail as more representative of the Ozarks than the Midwestern prarie. I'd love to learn more. 160 miles is a nice length. Perhaps I'll add it to my list of trails to hike once I finish the AT in 2013.

The Solemates
04-30-2005, 13:38
i too am interested in that trail. please post your report and pics.

04-30-2005, 14:16
i bought the river to river trail guide book from the river to river trail society

a few weeks back 20 bucks plus 3 bucks for shipping,i also bought the map
of the shawnee national forest 7 bucks no shipping,the map is made of weather proof plastic.the trail is 160 miles,i will do a couple short side trails also.my next AT section hike will be sept 2005 from dalton mass.to gorham nh.:cool: neo

05-01-2005, 00:28
If you make up to Carbondale, Quattro's Pizza is really good (though maybe my standards were low after living in southern Illinois for a while). Good luck!

The Solemates
07-11-2005, 16:42
neo...wheres the pics and report?