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08-16-2012, 18:20
On my way to southern VA & I plan to hike Sobo @ 150miles from near Pearisburg down to Fox Creek. Please help me with the most cost effective place to leave my truck & shuttle. I'm on no time frame & I want to patronize Woodshole & any other service on he trail. Thanks. Lwt me know if there are an MUST see places on that section. Thanks!!

08-16-2012, 18:44
Don Raines is a good shuttler from Pearisburg. Give him a call : 540-921-7433.

08-17-2012, 00:06
You will see lots of info on my place in Bastian written up in all the shelter logs. drop by when you get here , everything I do is for free. Night off trail, stay at the Dojo, shower shuttle etc. so far 396 hikers have stopped by plus 16 dogs and a cat ! Lol. safe hiking.

08-17-2012, 09:44
Be sure to check out the Dismal falls, it's only .3 off the trail. Why not arrange the shuttle with Woods Hole? At which end of this trip are parking your car? It usually works better if you park at your destination and shuttle back to the start. Also, Fox Creek is not listed in the guide, do you have a gap name or road number? This may help us to better identify where you are going and get you a better answer.

08-17-2012, 12:33
Thanks all!!