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08-20-2012, 12:23
I was in the store the other day and saw a newer size soda bottle-the 1.25 liter size. I picked up a couple of them to see how they would work out as water bottles. They are good size, and have some plus things, and some negative things about them. They are a little taller with a longer neck. They are easy to reach back and grab out of my pack pocket. A nalgene has more square corners, and gets hung up when trying to take it out. These soda bottles come out easy and also go back in easily due to their rounded bottom. Obviously they weigh a lot less than nalgenes, but won't last as long. I like the larger size as I am a big guy, and sweat a lot, so I need to take in a lot of water during the day. One drawback to them is their small mouth. It looks like it would be harder to fill if the water supply is low or not running too good. I haven't used them on an actual hike yet, just played with them and my go-lite pockets. Anyway, they come real cheap. The soda is about 99cents, so even if you try them and don't like them, you really aren't out any cash. If you aren't a soda pop fan just buy them and let your next door neighbor's two year old drink all the soda right before bedtime. :D I'll be taking them on my Oct GSMNP trip, so hopefully they will work out for me.

08-20-2012, 12:28
You can also get Pepsi products in 1.5L bottles at Walmat for $.99. I've been using those lately...works for me! Maddog:D

Josh Calhoun
08-20-2012, 14:23
hmmm i havent seen these but im not a soda drinker. i stick with water and beer.i have been using gatoraid bottles for some time now. i was thinking of trying the GSMNP later in the year. keep me posted!

Rocket Jones
08-20-2012, 16:55
I carry one of the Walmart 1L flavored water bottles. It's got the small mouth, but I also carry one widemouth nalgene that's easier to fill (and fits my partner's filter). It's not that big a deal to pour from the nalgene into the water bottle before adding Aqua Mira.